Saine - So Far So Good [BEAT TAPE]

Perhaps I might interest you in a :drum: beat tape…


(SoundCloud teaser)

All made in Renoise <3


finally to hear some stuff that i often lurk for!
dust is dope! did you make those scratches or?
showdown sounds like damu the fudgemunk would make, sparks as well!
roller is something madlib would make with j dilla!
could you elaborate a bit more if possible?
how did you produce? can we look into some example .xrns of some beat, everything sounds so crisp and stereo image is so good!

Dope stuff! congrats!


Thank you so much guys! Don’t have an .xrns to send or anything, but after making music for a good while a specific ‘producer routine’ starts to build up I guess - I’ve always loved the whole sample-chopping ‘n’ pitching approach with trackers, ever since Fast Tracker II and I guess I kind of always approach a tracker similarly to an MPC.

Sometimes I record hi-hats and snares in live for example, to get a nice shuffle in there. But I also do like to nudge drum hits afterwards with tracker commands, depends on the track. I also like to have a neat/organized project at all times, and just start recording a variety of samples from vinyl/tapes/tv/youtube etc. before moving any further, and then when things start flowing just really-really focus on arrangement; like, leave some space in the right places etc. (although I still always have a bad habit of muddying up the lows) - no fancy tools for stereo image/mixing etc. just a little bit of panning. Though I usually run my mixes thru outboard gear at the end and have a little something extra in the master channel, too, just to glue things up a bit. I used to use c-cassettes as external processors quite a lot, too, but a bit less recently. Thanks again: that kinda name dropping makes my weekend <3

In my current place, I work 90% on headphones, my room sounds really bad here atm.

Also, I love the signal follower --> gain to use similarly to sidechain compression. Super handy. And I like to have a multiband transient controller close at hand to get some crispy bits in there - or lose transients from where they aren’t needed.


Thanks for your detailed answer. Awesome workflow!

I went from mpc fully to renoise, as i just cannot be as efficient as i could do in any daw (comparing to mpc), per-say, make funky bassline with a lot of velocity changes, punctuation (i’m not james brown’s bass player :stuck_out_tongue: ) and i work 100% on headphones, since i never got good room treatment, and i’m often somewhere other than in my room :smiley:

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This sounds very very good, haven’t listen to the whole album yet. Did you make this all in Renoise, including mixing?

Thanks! Yeah everything’s done in Renoise, including mixing. I did check the mixes on a variety of different cheapo headphones, 7€ desktop-speakers from Lidl, crap PC-subwoofer etc.

Sometimes I also do an extra checkup playing the final rendered files pitched too high or low - or left-right reversed, in case there’s something I missed. Like a low-end boominess that I maybe didn’t spot when played at normal pitch.

Happy to hear you like it!

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I bought your beat tape…because everyone said its good.

Thoughts: I really like it! The production job is amazing as has been said before…everything sounds clean and crisp without sounding artificial. I wish I could mix this well…

I just want to give props for the track Roller. It’s really good, some really funky stuff there. I dig it!


I really appreciate the kind words, thank you - ‘Roller’ has some of my 1976 Rhodes electric piano played in between there. And if I recall correctly, a heavily processed/filtered synth loop from Prince’s debut album, I think I used a combination of Renoise’s signal follower, automation and LFO on it (for the rhythmic wobble).

dope af! I wish I could make this kind of stuff, but I’m too lazy to do the crate digging, setting up tape recorders for mastering, recording sounds etc. It takes good ears to find the right stuff to sample.

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Hey Saine, I got to know you through listenin through the omena records stuff which i got to know through Ishi vu which i got to know through a friend of mine who’s a DJ. Wanted to shout that I’m a fan. I feel your Organic and authentic vibe. your’e surely a person with taste in art.

Oh btw now that I’m here I have a question from you. I’m getting rid of my Digitone. beside the acoustic instruments my gear includes a 4 trarck tascam recorder, a monologue and a lexicon reverb/delay/comp. I sort of approached digitone in the memory of DX series but then hated the Digitone for its cold tone and that I couldn’t play it without an external midi controller. I want to get a another synth up to 800 euros, what are your two cents for a warm sounding synth. old or new wouldn’t make a difference. or synths aside, knowing my setup, in your opinion what what would be the reasonable next move. i mean gear wise.

To be honest, I never was a real expert on gear and don’t own a lot myself - a couple of synths, my electric piano, a few hardware gadgets here and there.

The downside with the Polysix (which I own) is that they can have quite a bit of technical troubles - and having them repaired can be a real pain in the ass. With the Juno 106 (which can be found close to 800 euros) there are way less issues - just make sure to check that the voice chips on them have been repaired. Juno 60 / 6 is even nicer, but more expensive because of the slightly cooler status. These are all super fun-to-use single oscillator synths.

Anyway. I’m always short on money so I know where you’re coming from and I think I’d be looking real close at what Behringer is doing at the moment. It’s always easy to laugh at Behringer but I think it’s cool what they’re doing (best case scenario it will shake up the pricing of the synth market a bit as well) and there seem to be some sweet products coming up.

If you like the slightly-colder Prophet sound and can find a used Prophet 08 somewhere, that could be a great find (just absolutely look for the PE-version with proper knobs) and, well I don’t think Deepmind 12 seems too bad either - for the money it’s amazing - although personally don’t like the looks.

(With mono synths of course there’s waaay more to choose from, but again, I’m no expert)

AND: thank you for the feedback, really great to hear that. <3