Sale of items ended

Thanks for the interest. Will keep what didn’t sell just in case.

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Hi, I am interested in diva. I will buy it

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I see you are in a similar place like me,havent made any music since April, i just lost interest i dont know why exactly.That is why i am moving away from the pc and try to find alternative ways to get my interest in music back.Maybe try a groove box like an mpc,i am going to buy an Akai Force and maybe some other hardware synths to make things on the fly,i think making music this way is more hands on control and fun,fun yes i am missing that when making music on the pc.On the other hand maybe its a phase we are going through and it will pass soon who knows.


Bad news. Like @stoiximan said, probably this is just a phase. I guess after one year you want to make music again. I would suggest to keep your stuff and if nothing has changed after one year you can still sell it then. I’m in a similar mood since months. I have the feeling that everything I’m creating sucks, whether it’s the composition, the mix or the master. But I had this before several times, so I stopped making music for years. The longest period of time was 12 years without making music. But as you can see I’m still there, creating some stuff here and there. I can’t imagine to be that different in you case. Anyway, whatever you’ll do, good luck to you!

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I’m still using unregistered Renoise. I’ll take the license at that price. Sending private message.

Whoops! You’re not accepting PMs from newbies!

I got back into it about 18 months ago to try and help with my mental health, I got diagnosed as Bipolar quite late in life at 36 years old. I hadn’t done any music at that stage for 13 years, I still love it but it feels more of a contributor to stress instead of a relief. I’m hoping to buy some good headphones and just enjoy music as a passive consumption instead of creation. Maybe get a small hardware box to play with. Thanks for the words.


I guess I know what you mean. Since I’m also focussed on a “perfect” mix, parallel processing and mastering, it feels indeed more like work. But creating stuff is still fun until it’s time for mixing.and mastering.

If you’re really sure that you want to sell everything I would buy D16 Group Phoscyon. But I don’t have a clou how to transfer the license and put my name on that. You will have to help me out. Payment can be done via paypal or bank transfer, no problem at all. I trust you without knowing you. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes, for a creative person it can be quite depressing to experience those phases.
Especially if you identify a lot with the stuff you do. It feels like a part of you is missing then.

Personally i can not live without making music. Even if it takes several months to finish a tune (on/off).
I got used to that. Situations change in life (usually).


It is like a bodybuilder. Once a bodybuilder, always a bodybuilder. Same with Musik maker. After 10 years i am back to Music since 4 years. But without success


Sorry to hear that Sam. It looks like you are at the bottom of your Bipolar sinusoide and this stage is not good to make a big decision. Sun will shine for you and your soul again, I am pretty sure. If I can recommend, don´t sell all music SW. Maybe you will want some again. For EDM music Reaper + Synthmaster is all you need for possible further hobby work. It is better to preserve your Reaper than to sell it fo incredible £15.00…

All best with you!

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I just wanted to say that I totally feel this and what I experience is similar to what you describe.
I guess the best advice I can give is to just go with the flow, enjoy the ride and have no bad feelings towards past decisions (as long as they were made honestly and in tune with your current state).

As others have stated (and I have experienced): I too think that eventually music will come back to you. But very likely in a different form. Maybe a different technical setup, maybe a different mindset, maybe different goals. But between now and then probably lies a time in which you come to know yourself better and develop further and that time is valuable and not at all lost. (Only speaking from my own experience.)

I wish you all the best.

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Thanks. If I don’t hear by the end of the week I might reconsider but for now I feel very sure of my choice, its a feature of the condition to throw yourself into an interest and burn out on it.

I bought the Renoise license but it looks like the license of Redux transferred with it! If the operators won’t separate the two, I may owe you some extra!


Scratch that. I tried the backstage link and it just was an advertisement.

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Well, I am an aging natural bodybuilder and I’m still pumping, but compared to the past it’s a joke. In the past it was 3 hours every single day, now it’s 1 hour 3 times a week and furthermore I do some calisthenics daily. But creating music is something dfifferent. It’s about creativity, not about a workout. You can compare a musician with a painter. Both can lose their creativity for several reasons. I painted a lot when I was younger, but I haven’t painted anything since 25 years because I simply lost interest and creativity in terms of painting. The same can happen anytime with music creation. It’s not the same like sports. In sports everything is about discipline, and it’s no problem to force yourself to do so. But you can’t force creativity. That’s the difference. :slightly_smiling_face:

Let me know if you change your mind. It’s not too late to reverse our business. :wink:

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Thanks for the offer but I’m good for now. Enjoy.

Lol easy mistake to make!