Same License Different Computers

So I work a lot with this guy. I mean practically all the time. And we decided we should implement Renoise into our live set. Because frankly the new MIDI mapping + Pattern Matrix + all the other shit makes it a great tool. Well we do not have enough money to buy another license just for him. And I have a license. So I mostly wondered if I could install my license on my friends computer so that we could work with it there? Since it at his place we work with the live stuff.

the license is personal; this means that you can use it on any number of computers you want, but only you are entitled to do this with your license…

1 people on N computers => needs 1 license
N people on 1 computer => needs N licenses

That works then, because he won’t use it for personal preferences since he is a Live user. What we wanted to do was combine our DAWs for our live sets and stuff. Thanks for the fast reply!

Time to start midi mapping then :D