Same VST on Windows/OSX not the same in Renoise

Recently I have started going back and forth between my desktop PC and my MacBook, trying to keep most of my plugins installed on both machines to continue working on projects from either.

While this seems to work fine with most of them (Sylenth, Nexus, Kontakt etc.) there is the odd one which is not recognized by Renoise as being “the same”, which in my case is Cableguys’ PanCake which apparently is named “PanCake2-64bit” on Windows and “PanCake2” on OSX.

I tried changing the name of the plugin listed in the track DSP panel’s plugin selector but that seems to be cosmetical only. Renaming the file itself does not affect this behaviour either of course.

When trying to copy and paste the settings from the disabled Windows instance to the one I can add on OSX Renoise tells me that it cannot copy settings from an PanCake2-64bit device to a PanCake2 device (which wouldn’t even solve the initial problem but it was worth trying I guess).

While this is probably not directly related to Renoise maybe somebody here has run into a similar issue? Maybe there is a way to tell Renoise that a certain plugin should be run under an alias?

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