Sample Adsr Edit?

Sorry for being a real NOOOOOB to the max here.

Is there a way to change the ADSR envelope of a sample in Renoise?

I’ve been trying to get a particular Snare sound for a while now, and I have realised through the use of NI’s Kontakt that I need to change the ADSR envelope to get the sound I am after, I just can’t seem to find where (if at all possible) you do this in Renoise.

Maybe I’m I just being dense? :unsure:

Checked the tutorial pages, and unless I am missing it - or it is under a different name - I cannot see it in there.

I know I could just resample from Kontakt, but why bother if I can do it in Renoise and not have to worry about resampling.


you can do it in instrument editor……rumentEnvelopes

and there is no particular ADSR envelope… you can draw all kind of envelopes there!!

its really easy actually… just tell me witch part you dont understand and i will try to explain it to you.

I’m guessing it would be the “volume” envelope I need for ADSR correct?

Then I just drag the envelope points to simulate the ADSR I am after?

Yes, it’s really that easy, be sure to switch the sustain button to on and drag the sustain marker, where you want your sustain phase. Anything after that marker is the release phase.

either way, now I know where to look I can start playing.

thanks :D

that depends what you wanna shape with ADSR envelope… it you wanna shape volume then yes :)

and yes, its that easy!