Sample alias slice options menu?

Hi, Can someone direct me to where to find/how to get to these Sample Slice options with transpose etc mentioned in this post.

I have a sliced sample prepared, and am triggering the slice with the Sxx command successfully, but now can’t seem to see where these other options appear (with hang up, transpose etc) :face_with_monocle: the posts says "If you now open the Instrument Settings tab and choose the Sample subsection, you’ll see that there’s an entry in the sample list for each slice. "

The blog post you’re referencing is from 2013. Since then, some things in the UI have changed.
Take a look at this screenshot from 3.3.2


I loaded in a sample and sliced it. The slices are added as aliases on the left side in the black area called “samples”. I don’t need to use the pattern command “Sxx” to trigger them, I just use the key you can see to the right of each slice name. They automatically get spread out onto the keyboard.

Now, if you highlight one of the slices you can change parameters for this instance in the lower left corner. This includes pitch, volume, panning etc.


ah thanks Ok, so I’m looking for something which is no longer there :upside_down_face:

Okay, so yea I know those settings. I’m was actually looking for a way to repitch a slice (How can I pitch shift sliced samples?) and stumbled across that post. So, looks like there’s no other way apart from what the users say in that linked post.
anyway, thanks for the screenshot, at least i know now :slight_smile:

Are you wanting to repitch across a range of pitches? if so, destructively render slices and spread out the keyzone, otherwise just transpose the given slice to whatever you want.

Just a few snares in a breakbeat. Yea easy method seems to be ‘render to new instrument’, then to more complicated ‘pitch modulation and assigning a macro’.
I tried out the change ticks to 1 and use Uxx and Dxx commands, but don’t like the way it affects other Rxx’s etc.