Sample Aliases/parts Of Samples


I’d like to see a way to reuse samples that are already loaded in other instrument slots, kinda like the VST-Alias function?

There really is no need to reload a sample if one just want’s to alter the envelopes
(filter, pitch etc), playback direction, etc.

What about reusing parts of a sample as ‘sample aliases’ take a beat for example and manually map the different hits to separate keys?(I’m not a huge fan of sample offset command when it comes to triggering parts of a sample).

One way to create these alias samples/selections would be to simply do a selection in the sample editor and right-klick on it and chosse ‘create alias sample/selection’ either in the current instrument or another instrument? Offcourse it should be possible to edit the start/end and loop settings of an alias sample.

Alias sample could also be used when one needs to have different loop settings on a sample.

Maybe it would even be logical to have a ‘sample list’ and an ‘instrument list’ in Renoise that aren’t so tied together?(as far as i understand all the samples used in an instrument are locked to that instrument and can’t be used by other instruments without reloading the sample?).

By having a separate sample / instrument list it would be dead easy to use the same sample in different instruments?

Does this make any sense?

A sample pool/list of all samples loaded into renoise has been suggested many times.
This has to be linked together with discussions about new rni (instrument) features.
It has also been suggested to have some sort of offset mark directly in the sample-editor (you trigger the sample from your mark(s) by fx command in pattern). Its kinda hard to discuss this as many changes has to be done at once.
I’m excited to see what the developers will focus on after v1.5 is done. :)

Yes, like in Impulse Tracker. Sample pool, and then instruments pointing at them. This has been discussed before, as I remember. And I very much think that this is a good idea, although Renoises everything-in-one-screen-like-FT2 user interface is pretty clumsy for that.


I’m pretty excited about the final 1.5 aswell…
I’ve been using renoise for barely one month and i just love it.

I do have a load if ideas/suggestions for it, i mean i spent over 4 years
on beta-testing/bug-hunting/sending suggestion for PlayerPro wich is
now officeially ‘dead’.(But i still use it to do things renoise doesn’t do yet ;)

There were plenty of effect commands that were tailored to do almost anything,
reversing sampleplayback on the fly using fx. commands(could be used to simulate ‘scratching’), sample offset in % for large samples, moving the loop offset(could be used to do
PWM on short samples for example, or wave sequence typ effects on long samples).
It had ‘indexes’ on samples that could be triggered by fx commands,
built-in sampling(wich i miss in renoise). Applying of VST effects in sample editor, built-in resampling to create samples from patterns, oversampled playback(higher internal sample rate to avoid aliasing). It also had layering of samples in instruments(each sample has it’s own envelope and can be slipt or layered), and nearly perfect interpetation of fx commands from most known trackers. and to top that fully configurable routing of VST effects, all this made it a real cpu hog.

I’ll start to feed some of these ideas in the forumes once 1.5 is done and the devs start to work on the next version, no real idea to bug them with new features untill all the old stuff is in ;)

And having everything at your fingertips is one of Renoise’s big pluses. I guess there’s often a compromise.

I wouldn’t mind seeing per-note envelopes on an instrument (e.g. you can assign different envelopes to the C and F keys). Might sound a bit strange, but long sustain envelopes on one octave and short stabs on the next could lead to some dynamic riffing.

Or…the ability to assign a certain amount of glide to an instrument, that’d be way cool. :P

both of these features exist in renoise