Sample and Instrument pack from me to Renoise community

Hi everyone. I am not sure that i must create topic in this category, but i want to contribute to the community of Renoise with some Korg Volca Bass samples (saw and square wave, and mix of them), maybe sample Roland JP-08. Also i can make instruments with this samples (Pads, Basses, Leads, Plucks, etc) and give to anyone who interested in them.

If no one is interested and this is not what Renoise about, just tell me :slight_smile:
I am almost new to trackers and dont know all the philosophy here


Hi Dmitry, that’s very kind of you! Thanks in the name of all those Renoisers who are using bass samples or samples in general, which is probably the majority. In the beginning the philosophy behind using a tracker was using samples and twist, manipulate and change them until you’ve reached the personal desired result. Meanwhile trackers are more advanced and can do both using samples and using instruments (plugins). But obviously the majority is mainly still using samples, so your offer is welcome for sure. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Nice to hear that someone is interested :slight_smile:

I will drop short saw and square wave samples tomorrow. They are specific, cuz it’s Korg. So i am sure that it can be nice addition to someone’s wavetable collection.

About trackers philosophy: i watched some videos about Amiga Protracker and got interested in trackers. Also i like to watch Amiga Protracker mixes on youtube to search for an inspiration, but still cant feel confident about what i do. I want to write music in Renoise, but not sure that i do that properly. How can i explain… My approach to writing music was some type of usual for a long type as i was using only common DAWs like Studio One and Ableton. But Renoise for me changes the game and i dont know is it welcome to use VST instruments in community, is it welcome to write music as like any other composers do? If the main goal of this philosophy is to show beauty and write music which knocks deep into heart - i am in the game :slight_smile:

Also sorry for my english, its not my native

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Neither is mine. Нет проблем. Don’t worry about your english, it’s good enough.

With a tracker you can compose any type of music you can imagine. Which kind of music is considered to be beautiful or touches hearts depends on the listeners as you already might know.

Of course! Personally I mainly use VSTs, no samples. I only use samples when it comes to drums. But for me it’s very important to use high quality samples if I use samples, no random stuff like in the past (for example with ProTracker or FastTracker).

Just do what you like. If you’re listening to the stuff you can find here within this forum you’ll see that there are a lot of different people creating a lot of different music styles. Check this thread. :wink:


That’s the thing. Welcome, Dmitry. Renoise is just a (very powerful) tool. We can all use it as we like.

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As i promised, here is zip archive which contains:

  • one cycled SAW wavetable from Korg Volca Bass recorded at 88200 kHz, 24bit
  • classic Juno style sweep synth preset for Xfer Serum
  • classic Juno style sweep syntn instrument for Renoise (based on main wavetable, but unison detuned in Xfer Serum and then recorded again) [this one is super basic, i tried to simulate Xfer Serum post-processing with native plugins]
  • demo

Later i will drop long sampled SAW which phases a bit cuz its true analog VCO, also i can make a few basic synthwave/darksynth presets for Serum or Renoise if anyone is still interested.



Cool, I will check it out later.

I’m always interested in Serum presets, especially for Synthwave or Elektro. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve checked your Soundcloud and your music is similar to mine when it comes to Synthwave, just darker and more aggressive. Have you finished “Gridshift” in the meantime? Very cool track, I would like to buy it.

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I wrote this track in an attempt to capture the emotions that I felt at that moment. So i think its finished :slightly_frowning_face:

Don’t think I’m greedy, but I can put this track on bandcamp or any other service where the buyer can set the price himself.

Also, what do you think about this half-pad preset that i made? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Very nice! I just have to dull the delay a little. Have you made it from scratch?

But you wrote “preview”, and as far as I know a preview isn’t a finished song. :wink:
In my opinion a song is at least 3 minutes long, otherwise I wouldn’t call it a “song”.

  1. Yes. I just got sample wavetable that i made from Korg and some quick tweaks of knobs. I made it maybe in 3-5 minutes.
  2. You right, i wished to finish Gridshift, add some twists and other stuff, but (cringy part begins) there was some situations in my life that broke me, now i write almost everytime short demos and then forget about it. I do not force you to buy my track, its only your choice :wink:
  1. Cool, I wish I could do that, too, but actually I don’t have a clue. I use, twist and change instruments the way I need it, but I can’t create any great sounding instrument from scratch out of a beep sound. Luckily I don’t need to, there are more than enough sound creators who are doing it for me. I’m the one who creates music instead.
  2. I can imagine and comprehend what you describe, but it’s always a pleasure when a song is finished and you’ll get some good vibes even if life is bad. If you would finish it I’ll buy it for sure, otherwise not, but it’s a good piece of music anyway. It’s just not a song in its current stage. :wink:
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