I would like to hear your music made with Renoise or other Daws

:+1:t2::blush: glad you like

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Yo, make them making music! My nephew (9, almost 10) is also starting to make music with GarageBand. When he’s got a little bit more experience I will introduce Renoise to him. :slightly_smiling_face:

Me too, but obviously not as much as you do. Happy new year to you, too. And also to everybody else.

Not bad, but where’s the bass? It feels a little bit empty.


I have a lot free time lately :smiley:

this is one of my latest tracks:

tho my latest one is even more sleepy and slow tempo lofi chill vibes kinda stuff, here it is:


They’re both really nice mate, lovely hazy quality and gorgeous instability to the samples - I much prefer instability and haze, deliberate imperfections, to machine like stability.

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Something I started over the weekend


not renoise, but something from last night;


whoa this is fantastic!
i’d never guess this made in a tracker btw, did you record keys live or you just typed everything in editor?
super nice tracks

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thank you!! actually, those 2 tracks were not made in Renoise, though i’ve used the tracker for many of my other lo-fi songs in the past, typing everything into the editor (i got used to it).
lately, ive been only using Renoise when I make songs in which I record myself playing the guitar (which may seem nuts since Renoise isn’t famous for its live audio recording capabilities). If you want to listen, here’s one chill-hop song I made entirely in Renoise:

Thanks again for listening to my songs, glad u liked them!


hey, nice job!! reminds me of stuff John Frusciante has made with Renoise in the past few years

nice playing! :+1:

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love it, great sample selection and bass lines. nice job!

about instruments:
bass = reason electric bass
else = soundsonline (east west platinum, clarinet, brass choir)


the nice and simple technic of subbass😉

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v2016 (fought with the sounds for far too long… and not sure which way it went) :slight_smile:

Currently at v6.3 :slight_smile: (probably (hopefully) “a lot” clearer now… still too “full”)


I tried to focus a bit more on the drums this time:


Made in Reaper but I used Redux for the breaks so it’s almost renoise :slight_smile:


This is really cool man I like it. Good mix and production too although I think the song would benefit from the snare being a bit louder. Nice one

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Crystal clear production and so well put together.I was hooked from the beginning

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