Sample battle, anyone?

Is anyone willing to participate in some “sample battle” alike challenge, let’s say - per month/ 2 week?
just for creative purposes, nothing serious indeed?
rules would be to use just given sample and - let’s say certain drum break?
or just sample?


I’m down, but I’m new to Renoise.

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I am in but let’s make it like this.
1.A specific concept like global warming or human right’s e.t.c
2.No restrictions.We can use anything we want samples and vst.

I dont Believe I have time even once a month let’s make it 2 months.

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stoixman, i;'d rather have something that we can work on with same material, so we can discuss creativity process etc - with same stuff - which i think is more “personal”, than making something for a certain topic.
That is great idea - don’t get me wrong, i just thought about typical classical beat battle on this one :stuck_out_tongue:
i don’t have much spare time, but this sounds interesting to squeeze it during weekend or so :slight_smile:


Restrictions can be good but let’s s face it most of us use already made sounds/presets,but if other users here want it that way I am in.


          LETS DO THIS.
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well, i personally try to chop breaks use one-shots just from layering (i bought recently 1100 minty breaks, and all bundles from, and i love to draw samples - create new instruments :stuck_out_tongue:

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I my self like to focus on arranging a song along with some music theory cause I am like 40 years old now and I have no patience fooling around.I need results fast to get what comes in mind down.Chopping breaks and drawing samples is fun but you are loosing presious time on what really counts.

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