Sample Box Placement

Maybe, only when the upper frame is full-opened by the “More” button, it should be returned to an old display method of the Instr. Selector? It may be a bit step-backed solution though.
We need more appropriate browser re-layout in the future, imho.

Btw, I want to use such “netbook layout” on my normal laptop (1280 X 768) too.
It’s useful when I want to use 2 instances of Renoise.

[Edit] Ah sorry, now I notice that martyfmelb have already suggested such idea. I agree with it ;)

if the instrument list multi-samples could be expandable, like a song in the diskop through the little [+] symbol, everybody’s happy :) .

lame reply Jonas. Many people make music on the road. 15 years ago it was “making music on your computer is your first mistake” look at us now.

yeah it was something like a joking dig, hence the :wink: , of course if you’re seriously making music on the road, you’d get a LAPTOP!

And that’s why Taktik allowed lower screen resolutions for Renoise so you could at least run Renoise on a netbook?

Can I split and move this idea into “Ideas and Suggestions”? Definitely a great idea for later.

Please be my guest and move this suggestion to the other thread… There would be l o t s to discuss and I was thinking myself, maybe it doesn’t belong in a 2.7 suggestions thread ;p


May I ask how this is partly done in B5?

We’ve tried to solve the “main” problem:

Which means you can select multiple samples and load them into ONE instrument now.

You also can drag samples from the disk browser to the keyzone editor. This will load them and also create key zone mappings for them.

That was not the “main” problem I reported.
The problem for me is that when browsing samples, I don’t know in advance which set of samples goes into one instrument.
I browse and when I find a suitable Kick, then I add it. Then, when I stumble upon a suitable Snare, I want to add it to the same instrument, different sample. Then, I might come across another Kick and think this is better, so I want to replace the old one with the new one.
All this involves navigating within the sample slots of an instrument, which, on a netbook, are simply not visible right now!

It brings up a good question: what was the justification in the first place to move the sample slots to the bottom third of the screen into the “instrument settings” tab?
Could something like this solve the problem w/o introducing others??

The mockup that got moved to another thread here that I did showed something similar but I didn’t really speak to it. I was challenging the idea in my head that all instrument/sample/vst/midi browsing could/should be done from the top third, reserving the bottom third of the GUI for settings and options… Overall keeping the sample selection box down buried in the instrument settings doesn’t seem to really have much point.

There are not many programs that have an insert, add and replace function without bugging you with a contextmenu for that or a dialog.
Also, the keyzones have been designed to allow overlaps so there is no good way to figure out if someone wants to overlap or overwrite a zone.

There will however still remain a lot of sorting and cutting and moving work to do with this kind of instrument and zone structure.
I have the same sort of shit with VSampler, it is quite powerful but it is also a lot of work to build a good instrument with it.

Well, for me, being able to see both boxes (instruments and samples) would solve it. I could just put together my drumkit on the fly while browsing.
Anyway, I just wanted to bring your attention to this.


The workaround that I am using on my netbook is exactly as Taktik mentioned above:

I am just clicking the audio samples in the file browser to preview and dragging and dropping them onto the instrument map window on the keys that wish them to be assigned to (drop at the top of the instrument map for a single key, middle for one octave or at the bottom for two octave spans).

To speed this up I have one screenview preset with the upper sample file browser and instrument map and one preset with the lower instrument settings panel and the instrument map.

It works surprisingly well actually.

Yeah, but it is completely mouse dependent.

The more I work with this version the more I agree with this poster’s comment. why was it moved anyway?

Just working on converting folders of samples to xrnis and I keep coming back to this, no doubt about it the placement of the sample box is unfortunate.

Any feelings on moving the sample box right back to where it was?

Any feelings on moving it right next to where it was (like the last mockup I posted in this thread)?

should we open a vote? :)

Please, don’t move back the sample box, i love the way it is now, lot more efficient than before on big screen ^^

Maybe an option that allow user to choose the placement of the box could be the best way to make everybody happy…

(sorry for my really bad english :wacko: )

What we have in the queue for an upcoming version (actually it was in the 2.7 plan but didn’t made ito 2.7 cause we ran out of time), was something like:

[+] Instrument 1  
[+] Instrument 2  
 Sample 1  
 Sample 2  
[+] Instrument 3  
 VST: Bla  

A kinda combinded sample & instrument box, collapsed by default so that you only see insturments, also showing MIDI and plugin nodes.

I understand that the current layout is not ideal for netbook resulutions, but on all the “usual” big screens it does the job just fine.