Sample Browser Improvements

The shrinking of the full page sample browser in 3.0 has actually kept me from making the jump from 2.8 so this is an area I’d really like to see some work on.

As Renoise is very much about the sampler, it makes sense to make loading audio into that tool as easy as possible and the old full page 2 column layout was the best Ive used.

A return to a browser that makes full use of our screen would be a great start.

Sample Tagging would be really helpful too. A lot of NI products use a tagging system and it makes tracking down and auditioning sounds very fast.

For instance a search for any samples tagged with ‘choir’ could bring up all matching results from any number of subdirectories and saves diving in and out of folders to find the right sounds.

Or if the Tagging system is a little complex, a search function that searches not just the current folder but also any child directories for matching file names could be used in a very similar way and would make for a silky smooth workflow.