Sample Chopping Question

Hello fellow Renoise artists,

I just had a question regarding how to chop samples in renoise.

I’ve been noodling around the program for a while and have been coming back and fourth to it and it’s definitely something I want to get more invested into.

But I’ve been having issues chopping samples in the lax, swung “mpc/sampler” type style. Some examples are:

I know about the delay command which is great for drums but my samples usually come out wonky even I beatmatch them. This is an example of something i’d like to accomplish:

Thanks for any help you can give me and sorry if this post seems a little noobish, I’m fairly new to forum. :badteeth:

You can do this with the -Sxx effect command. Place a note with the effect command -Sxx, where xx is the number of the sample position. If sliced samples are used then xx means the slice number.