Sample Commands And Effects Quick Insert


I was going through the beginner tutorial today, and I cannot figure out how the tutor was quickly inserting repeated Sample Commands or Effects. For example; under track 1, I would hold (lets say “z”) down on my keyboard and with “4” set for the step length, every 4th note would every an entry in it for the entire 64 note slots available (assuming default). How would I apply Sample Commands or Effects quickly in this manner as the tutor was doing during the tutorial.

If there are any other tutorials someone knows off the top of their head, I would appreciate links for that to as I am hoping to gain a deep understanding of Renoise this summer.

Thanks for you time.


You can hold ctrl and press a number on a keyboard to change edit step

Sorry I must have explained that poorly. I am not trying to change the edit step, but be able to inset the sample command or a DSP quickly. I.E. to do it with an instrument I could just hold down the “z” key and it would keep entering in the note. What key would I hold down to do that for a sample command?

Thanks for the quick reply.

You must move the edit cursor into the correct position within the effect column itself (usually the 2nd digit), then type the key that corresponds to the command itself: ‘R’ for retrigger, ‘B’ to play the sample backwards, ‘S’ to trigger a slice or sample offset within the sample, and so on. You can then move the cursor over to insert the command values into the 3rd and 4th digits of the effect column.

For example, here I’m adding a retrigger command with a speed of 3. I can very easily press and hold down the ‘R’ key to quickly add the basic commands, then go back to the top, move the cursor over, then press and hold the ‘3’ key to quickly enter the values:

3333 renoise-pattern-commend-input.png

You can find a full listing of effect commands here:

Thanks! That is exactly what I was looking for!