Sample Commands - What Am I Missing

If i want to put in a sample command such as the offset command 09xx i have to type each letter / number and press the right arrow key to move to the next character in the row.

Is this correct?

for example i have to type

0, press right arrow key

9, press right arrow key

1, press right arrow key

0, press right arrow key

why can’t i just press 0910? I’m probably missing something obvious


Yep, you’re right. Thats how things work since ancient tracker times I think :) and for good reasons probably , BUT I can definitely see use for your expected behavior. Maybe by holding a modifier key?

Ok cheers will just have to get used to it i suppose.


Actually you don’t need to press any zeroes in this example you are showing.
When you hit 9 on the second place the 0 will hop directly in front of it, try it. ;)

The reason for it is that you will commonly want to make things like:


…and that’s a lot easier if the cursor progresses downward.

It has been suggested that, if edit step is 0 then the cursor could move to the right but I think that would confuse many people used to the current way it works.

Maybe add a -1 to the Edit Step values which would behave like this, Sure I would use it at times.

thanks for the responses - I’ll just have to get used to it. :(