Sample Continue Play After Triggering Another Pattern?

Hi all,

If I have a looping sample playing in pattern 1 and I switch to pattern 2 is it possible for the sample to keep playing and not stop until it is re-triggered?

I’ve looked at the FX 05 (in 2.8… G?) and this works when you let pattern 1 play into pattern 2 without triggering but when using a trigger the looping sample stops.

Assume I have pattern 1, track 1, that triggers the note C-0 at position 0, and pattern 2, track 1 is empty.


Have you enabled autoseek on the sample? (Instrument Settings → Autoseek)

Hi, yes… (when I say switch pattern btw, I mean I’m using a trigger to start the pattern immediately, not scheduled)


If it’s looped it should just play and play and play non-stop until it comes to a Note Off.

BUT there is an option to silence all notes on a pattern navigation.

In Misc section of here:

Ah - thanks! I’ll check that out tonight.