Sample Control With Api?

While it’s already possible to control volume,panning,transpose,finetune/NNA etc with the API, I’m wondering about these three:

  1. Normalize
  2. 32bit->16bit conversion… tried but it seems to be read-only for now.
  3. “Automatically detect transients/beats and place slice markers on them.”

It seems that there already are scripts that trim silence, and maybe something like that would be very useful as a one-stop-sampling effort,

For all actions you want to apply to the sample buffer, you have to copy the sample to a new slot of which you set the desired target properties the sample should listen to. (amount of channels, bitdepth, frequency).
When done, you could use the copy function to copy the entire sample into its original slot that was the source and erase the target slot afterwards.
I’m doing very simple processing on the sample buffer in te Stereo_to_mono tool when you select mixed mode.
These routines are non-destructive (leave the original copy in place).
You could also analyse IT-Alien’s sample morpher, or wave generation tools, these are doing a lot more processing and are far more interesting for getting the idea.