Sample Editing (Length And Enveloppe)

Hello again,

I’m sorry if it had been issued previously , but I’m not sure which keywords to search in the forum.

I am making simple chip percussion stuff ; basically it’s just a short white noise signal I’d like to separate into a high pitched and low pitched one. Right now, I mapped on a drum kit instrument the same sample on 2 notes, for which each basenote is different to get a different pitch. However, I’d like the same length on both sample. In the sample editor, I cannot compare the time elapsed as reading sample is “faster” than the other (the timing works only when the sample is played at the basenote, if I understand correctly) . Is there a way I can directly pitch shift a sample in sample editor, so I can get two different samples with the same length?

Also, as I’m working on a drum kit instrument, I couldn’t use envelope tools as it modifies all the samples within the instrument. Is there a way I can control precisely the envelope in sample editor (for instance , can I fade out a selection from an initial amplitude to a non zero final amplitude)?