Sample Editor Bug

Ok I found this really annoying bug in the sample editor of version 1.25b

Let’s say you want to remove a click from the begin of a sample (a bass note) so you open that sample in the editor and you select the beginning of the sample an then you click zoom in.

Now you zoomed in, next thing you do is click Fade in to smoothen out the annoying click. So that seems to work fine but the moment y click zoom out all of a sudden you sample has an even bigger click at the beginning of it, it seems that this zoom in zoom out messes up the sample.

I hope I make some sense.

I’ve had similar troubles when placing loop points and zooming in/out. After a certain point, the loops points seem to ‘wrap’ back and display themselves at incorrect locations, however they still function normally.

zoom-out filters can produce singularities with freqeuntly-varying signals such as an audio wave.

such visual problems affected FT2 too, but as you say there’s no problem when playing because the actual audio data is correct.