Sample Editor: Jump To What You Play On The Keyboard

Hello Dev’s,

an old desire reminds me, as i testing the new version of renoise.

If you have an instrument with many samples in it, like a drum kit, it is often very hard to find quick the right sample that you playing and wish to edit.

It would be very handy, if you have a button, where you can enable, “show me, what key i play” on the keyboard or midi keyboard. So you can jump very quick while pressing a key to the right sample.

I hope all users are with me, thats will be helpfull.



nice idea, i dont normally split breaks into a kit but it would be helpful.

YES! I’ve suggested this after the 1.8 launch here…c=10915&hl=

would love to see this

+1 (billion)

+1 (gazillion) :)

good idea.

how about just lil edit in exist feature, capture nearest instr. in pattern.
IF nearest instr. = multisample GOTO CAPTrue nearest smapole.
(inside the MultiSmaboleInstr™ [whichisSTILLmissingSampleEnv.s])

would be really handy.


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