Sample Editor / Sample-instruments Suggestion

Much to early to be dropping suggestions after this fine 1.8 update :) …but maybe after a well deserved vacation the devs could look into the following:

Personally I use the multi sample renoise instruments a lot, thing that bugs me however is that when I play the keyboard, listening to all the different sounds when in the sample-editor -> the screen doesn’t change accordingly with the sample.

For me it would be great to have the abilty to immediately have the right sample on screen when I hear the sound, would speed up the workflow, saves scrolling through samples with the mouse when you want to edit the sound you hear / add loop points, whatever.

Am I the only one that like to see this in the future?






Why? I think it would be very useful having a checkbox in the SE that’d enable automatic sample changing during sample playback - but only while editing (i.e. that wouldn’t work when playing the whole song, since it would create a mess anyway).

Sure. Was just a bad joke.



good idea! sounds a bit like ‘follow key zone via midi’ you find on the reason nn19 sampler.

An automtic “right note for right key” feature would be swell… Mabye it could be solved by highlighting the part of the sample’s names that was to be taken in to consideration.

like :





in this case… letters after 17 characters.

or something…

-1 !!! ;)

bump I suggested this after 1.8, and I remember a similar idea being aired by someone else, during 1.9 beta testing.

still has hope :)

I’ll keep bumping this thread to infinity

To infinity and beyond.


dunno how far a new beta is going to be from today :slight_smile: , but devs, please look into this suggestion! With multi-sample instruments, being able to edit the right sample at the press of a button (no unnecessary scrolling in the sample list) improves the workflow imo!

This would be a nice thing!
But I think that would be a lot of work for the devs.

…Don’t know why but I just think so. :P

Anyway +1

I’m not a coder or anything, but I think this wouldn’t be to hard to implement at all! Since Renoise already has all the elements needed (<- ability to trigger the separate samples out of a multi-sampled instrument with the keyboard + a visual sample representation in the sample editor), the elements just need to be linked somehow, maybe a small hack is sufficient? :slight_smile: One that makes each keyboard press, show the correct representation in the sample editor, similar to how the numpad shows the waveform for each trigger.

It is a small workflow enhancing suggestion, I know…but one I’d like to see in the next version, if that wasn’t already clear :slight_smile:

Seems pretty useful to me as well. There are many little things that can improve workflow a lot and this is one of them.


just had an idea.

how about when a sample is triggered in an instrument it’s slot in the sample list flashes for a sec.

visual indication is good.

yeah, also a good one, like already mentioned here:…c=16417&hl=