Sample Editor Loads Slooooowly

why is this? does it need to be loaded/initialized every time you open the editor?

Because it creates and maintains buffers on the harddisk for processing, undo and redo.
The more activity you perform in it with large samples, the more time it takes to swap to the sample editor and back.
I have no idea if this can be arranged in a way to be more efficient.

I don’t need to undo that often anyway, 2 or three steps back is sufficient…maybe an option in which you can set a degree of steps back (from no to unlimited) could speed things up.

I work ALOT with samples, so this is slowing me down too much. This is truly an issue in my book.

i dont get it. Could you bring back the undo/redo buttons made for the sampleeditor? please

What exactly do you mean by “loads slowly”? That it takes some time until the sampleeditor is visible, or that samples fill up slowly when loading them in the diskbrowser? The undo/redo overhead only applies when processing samples.

Yes. Alternative a.

That it takes “some” time until the sampleeditor loads. enoying.

Q nr 2.

Example. When i cut a sample, flip ( by no reason at all) to pattern editor, makes a few changes in the pattern and flips BACK again to the sample editor… i still want to undo the cut in sample editor but KEEP changes made in pattern. You see?

Either, a certain levels of undo/redos pr. section/window, or a seperate for the sample editor would be nice.

Also: Could you please add a search bar ( same as in dsp/vst window) in diskbrowser??? VERY handy ;)

Understanding your pain (and you’re definately not alone in this) but…:
If you know how Adobe Photoshop works (and any like applications that have this kind of Undo/Redo list), you know that’s not gonna work. But it is this kind of undo/redo mechanism that works here which, if we have to believe Taktik, was already an enormous amount of work to realise this.

The only way to quickly circumvent this “undo what i don’t want to undo” scenario is:
You have to copy the changes in the pattern to your clipboard, undo all changes until you are on your sample-cut level and then paste back the pattern contents.

The more steps that are in between what you want to keep and what you did somewhere else you want to undo means more undo steps to take and more contents to copy.
If you want it any faster:save your instrument to disk before cutting and load if you are disappointed.

My man Bantai!

Yes. KEEP the current undo/redo option, BUT also bring back the undo/redo buttons in sample editor.

I agree, sample editor’s undo/redo list should definitely be separated from the one in pattern editor. It’s just very different functionality, which is great to have in one program, but is used for two different things.

About separated undo/redo for each sample - that would be truly great! :w00t:


There are simply pros and cons for having both methodes of undo/redo.
Some times you wanna undo/redo every step you made no matter what. Sometimes not.

How about splitting the undo/redo into two different ways.
One default as it is now (undo/redo everything).
And another undo/redo for each part of renoise (Instrument list/sampleditor/automation and also each sample etc).
This alternative undo/redo could be on ctrl+shift+z/y ?

I swear probably can see grey hairs growin’ on Taktiks’ head when he would only just analyse the possibilities.