Sample Editor : Mouse wheel zooming

Hi folks,

When I place the edit marker (the yellow line in default theme) on the sample waveform in the sample editor, is it possible to have the Zoom center on that? So that zooming in/out keeps the marker right at the middle or ‘focal point’ of the zoom?

Simply hover the mouse cursor over the area you want to zoom in/out. It will focus there…

Aye, I see that works fine - but there is no option to have the zoom clamped to the edit line/cursor?

Might be worth adding an option to toggle that behaviour, it’s quite useful to be able to place the focal point and have the whole zoom centre upon it.
Maybe it’s just the way I’m used to working in other sample editors :)

It just means I can be mouse-zooming while I’m moving the mouse towards a button or other control. Speed thing, I guess.