Sample Editor Multiple Samples Shown

hello two ideas here:

history :) Yesterday the new awesome left or right channel individual editing possibility made me do this:
I had a tablas sample that was really groovy and cool as it was but a bit off to a drumloop in rhythm so;
in a stereosample of the drums (but they were in mono i could tell) i pasted the tablas in the left channel,
(the tablas and the drums was rendered so they were the same length)
i first copied the drumhit i wanted to move, then silenced that selection and then mixpasted it back where i wanted it.
The result was superduper so:

  1. I could use at least two samples shown, or even just one as a reference to the one youre editing?
    For me mainly for editing rhythmical stuff, but i could see a use for arranging longer rendered or recorded tracks too.

  2. And that leads to the second idea; to be able to highlight a section of the sample and then drag it into place, or elasticly stretch it.
    I do this in cubase when i use cubase, which isnt that often because i like renoise so much more.

thanks for the new features in 2.8 and thanks for the awesomest music making software around!


That’s a cool way to use the stereo sample editing. Now I can time drums to speech, or other such randomness ;)