Sample Editor : Play What You See ?

Hello dev’s

i dont know, if it a feature, but when you zoom in the sample in the sample editor and you press play, you hear only what you see ?
If you cutting precise, you must zoom in, but you wont to hear the whole context, you can’t imagine, if it’s correct on this short peace. You must zoom out again.



Thats a feature, yes, but I don’t mind changing this if most others agree.

I didn’t know that, but I think it’s a good feature.

maybe the play button should play everything, while a context menu item coud allow to “play visible data”

I would put “play what you see” on to wheel mouse button which at moment seems equal to left button.

That would be good!

Left mouse button plays the whole file, mouse wheel click plays the zoom.

Good idea

yes, i like the idea of both options as well. as for keys, how about ENTER for ply from position/ play visible and SHIFT+ENTER for play whole sample, or something along those lines.


yeah, I forgot to focus on this too in my previous message. This is how it should be.

I agree. That’s how I would like it to behave too.