Sample Editor Question


I’m new at forum and want to say hi at first. B)

I have just a small question about the sample editor. I bought a sample cd some years ago. I can load the samples into the Renoise sample editor but there are two different samples at the same time. One sample on the right loudspeaker and another sample an the left loudspeaker. Is it possible to cut or select one of them?


PS: Sorry for my bad english but german is my first language

at the moment , unfortunetely it’s not possible to do stereo editing :(

You could use audacity or something. Btw. German Tracker Support Forum at *g


thanks a lot for the fast support. I found a never used version of Propellerhead ReCycle in my software collection. This version can’t edit stereo but it can convert to mono with following preselections:

  • Convert to mono: Use left channel
  • Convert to mono: Use right channel
  • Convert to mono: Mix left and right channel

Maybe this kind of “convert to mono”-selection could be implemented in a future version of Renoise? Just an idea. ;)