Sample Editor Ruler Addition...

I am sorry if this has been suggested already, or if it is already a feature :wacko:

When using the sample editor, I can change the ruler to represent time, 09xx, samples etc…

Is there any way to see what line the pattern editor is currently on in this ruler too?

I mean, I really need this feature sometimes but I cant find a way to do it…

So, how about adding this. If it has been included already, I apologise!



well, since you can play any sample at any line this might be hard. besides, that is exactly what beats is for, beat1 is the line the sample is triggered, beat2 is the line after that and so on.

Cool. Well, I think the naming of the “beat” function on the ruler is a bit misleading.

Maybe it should be called “Pattern Line”, or “Pattern Step” or something.

Cheers for filling me in though.

Nopes, because this is really a beat.
If you want to snap to beats you can change the beat-moment by changing the song-tempo which is essential for beatslicing.