Sample Editor Stuff

This is not a 2.0 issue exclusively, but it is bugging me.

1.Load a long sample like 10-20sec whatever
2. Zoom in and start playback of the sample

  • It then plays whatever you see of the waveform…

BUT if, you zoom out whilst playing that same selection, it still stop at the “original position” of the zoom thingy.

Bugs me.
It should be able to play whatever we can see of the waveform.

thanks for reading. (learning english)

and manners :D

Thanks, but do you see what I mean?

I have not seen any other sample editor that plays towards the new end when zoomed out during play (Audition, Audacity, Krystal etc. all stop where the initial end was when the sample is playing during zoom-out action).
If you zoomed out and restarted playing the section, the new end is calculated after you have finished zooming out and then it is being taken into account.
I don’t guess it is impossible to recalculate the new stop-position of the sample while zooming out, but i guess artifacts like clicks and pops during play are results of such actions. Only Taktik can give an answer to this idea.

Lets make this an exxxxxxclusive feature in renoise Taktik

hugs and kisses