Sample Editor Suggestion

just posted this in the thread about octamed and in the general discussions as a new topic. . . trying to find the correct home for it. . . sorry . . . . . . ., and maybe i shouldve mentioned it in the amaiga users thread too.

but i was thinking abo0ut the DEVS working on the sample editor (implementing the personally over anticipated record function . . shouldve been there from the beggining IMHO)

and thought about the ability to hand draw soundwaves . . . . this was possible in the earliest of sampling technologies (the fairlight CMI) : : : take a look at this great clip :…airlight_II.avi

it was also a much loved feature in octamed .

with renoises ability to create instruments from short looping waveforms (is this called wavetable synthesis? / is this how a PPG wave works?) . . it would be great to be able to sketch in these strange shapes for instrument creation . . even without the fairlights ability to “morph” between waveshapes.

also . . .anyone using protracker (amiga) would also remember the ability to combine samples to create new samples . . . although this is posible in renoise by rendering a short segment of your pattern, its not totally functional to do this as sample editing and “score” editing should remain seperate in my book . . . a feature to do this in the sample editor would be great. . .

thats my rant for the day … . .

Both of these would be nice to see and the drawing of waveforms has been suggested before, in light of the FT2 Sample Editor having that ability. Btw, that Fairlight link was really great.

in the absence of being able to draw weird waves on the spot, renoise can load random binary and ascii files as samples like many old skool traxxorz. i’ve taken image files and gone digging through them for fun wave patterns in the past. maybe that would hold you over? :D

I’m closing this one and have moved the other one, i don’t think it’s necessary to keep two topics open for the same idea.