Sample Editor: "trim At Loop End"

would be useful to have a “process => trim at loop end” context menu entry for samples, which automatically cuts what’s after the sample loop end, if there is a loop in the sample.

that would be very usefull +1


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Set snapping mode to “markers”, then select the loop end till the sample end also does the trick. Another way: Hit Control L to select the loop, then hold shift and select the sample start.

The sample editors context menu and toolbar already is so crowded. Do we really need this - everything?

That’s why I suggested to add this option in the “Process mode”; also, this would be visible only if a loop is set, and the loop end is not set at the end of the sample (this also implies that this option will disappear right after you have used it).

It’s nothing vital, of course, but I think that it will not crowd the interface if implememented in such a way