Sample Editor Window Tab

Title is pretty self explanitory…
Would make 09XX more straightforward…
Apologies for the cruddy example…i did it in paint.

definitely yes!

+1 for idea

-1 for IE

Come on guyzzzzz…work computer???

you can even see SUN SYSTEMS the shitty little lofi accounts software we use…disgusting

This is a wonderful Idea Moss!

Also, if we want a large view >>> We could have the ‘More’ Button.
Clicking More, could also extend the instrument view along side the sample editor, like this:

tbh, i think all the window boundaries should be flexible… so you can custom size all the sub windows etc

drag and drop styleeee

interesting idea

This makes the mostest sense :) , or at least make it so the sample editor gets an optional prolonged instrument list as the current little windows is fidgety for browsing imo.


Maybe the whole selection procedure of stuff in renoise can get an overhaul by closely looking at (ripping off ;) ) fl studio’s browser. Just have a tab on the left side of the screen where you can select/drag in all your stuff. Dsp’s, Vst(i), songs, instruments, samples etc.

This idea rocks!
The only odd thing for me seems that there will be Sample Editor tabs in two different places in GUI.

Maybe not an enlarge(MORE) option that covers the wholepattern editor. That would remove the point of having a nifty little version of the sample editor. It probably wouldn’t need all the edit functions either…just a draw tool, loop tool, the starting note option, play function… anyway, just my opinion.
+1 to jonas’ suggestion of toggle-enlarged-instrument-list though.

It’s your idea, I only elaborated on extended possibilities of your idea, no offense. :)

Ahh dude, i see my post probably looked a bit arsey, sorry…it wasnt meant to be. It’s hard expressing humility through text.

I still love your idea. :)

bump for bigger things

It would be very useful for beat slicing…

Another +1 cause the idea still rocks like hell.