Sample Editor

Hello everybody! I’m a new user of Renoise (well, not exatly new since I was using demo for quite some time now, but new registered :D ), and I must say that I love this program! It made me switch back to trackers after abandoning them when I switched from Amiga to PC almost 10 years ago. In this time I was using many different sequencers, mostly Reason, but now I’m finally back to trackers, and here to stay!

Anyway, I have a few questions and ideas about sample editor:

  1. Bitrate
    I saved the sample which I was editing to disk, and it was saved in 32 bit. Is there an option to save it at the same bitrate as it originally was? (this one was 16 bit) Also it would be nice if bitrate would be shown in the sample editor, like sampling frequency and number of channels are.

  2. Saving loop points and snap to sample zero crossing
    After saving a sample, loop points were lost. Could this be improved, so they would be saved with sample? Also, an option in popup menu to snap selection and cursor to nearest sample zero crossings would be great when cutting sample and looping.

  3. Triggering sample at the current cursor position with keyboard
    I can already trigger it with the “play” button in the sample editor, but this can be a bit clumsy. It would be great to have keyboard shortcuts for transpose and play buttons, except the “play” shortcut should only play the sample as long as you’re holding it, then stop, not like play button does.

Alternatively, (maybe even better idea) there could be an option to enable playing the sample with keyboard from the current cursor position instead of the beginning.

  1. Recording directly into sample editor
    I’m almost sure this was already suggested many times, but I guess it couldn’t hurt if I vote for it too :) Just a simple record button in the sample editor, which would start recording. Input and parameters could be set in options.
    It would be also great to be able to automatically start sequencer at the same time as recording, so I could jam with it.

Oh, and a little sugestion not related to sample editor: how about placing the GUI theme saving/loading to the GUI config, and implement saving and loading of tracks and patterns to the disk browser? I think this would be much more useful.

I hope at least some of those ideas will someday make it to the program, but either way, keep on the good work! I’m off to make some music now :walkman: :yeah:

Hi tha_man and welcome! I take it you are the same tha_man from KvR and the renoise thread on energyXT (my nic is 4tune over there) if not welcome anyhow! :)

To your suggestions

  1. Don`t think this is possible but it would make sense to be able to configure this as you suggested.

  2. What you want to do is save your samples as rni`s then the loop points will be kept.

  3. Agree this would be a good addition.

  4. Yes has been suggested a lot :) and I think it is on the todo list…

  5. I think the track and pattern saving has been suggested before, and is a good idea. About moving the themes, I see your logic but it would not be one of my priorty features to change as it works ok as it is for me. Seems neat having just the single browser aswell.

Hi Ledger, yeah that was me on KvR :) Thanks for the suggestion about RNI, I didn’t think of that. I would still like to save loop points directly to wav, because this would enable transferring samples edited in renoise to various other applications which doesn’t support RNI.

About themes, I mostly suggested moving them to config because it doesn’t seem to be enough space on the browser for two more formats (track and pattern) :) Otherwise It doesn’t really bother me if they remain on the browser, I guess it can be cool sometimes to be able to quickly change the theme, maybe to get some inspiration B)

One more idea: I really liked in 1.281 how you could easily switch focus between tracks with RMB, I used this a lot when mixing songs, when you click on track, change the parameter on one DSP, then switch to another and make a modification there etc… Although this fortunately still works, now popup menu opens and I can’t quickly switch between tracks with mouse anymore. I don’t want to lose popup, but would it be possible to implement the same behavior as in 1.281 with RMB on track’s name? Or maybe put to use middle mouse button and use it for this function.

It’s all about the workflow B)

I agree here and have suggested before that a modifier key be possible to activate the right-click menu`s. Your suggestion would be fine also but I guess the more configurable this could be the better so everyone could choose the best for themselves.

absolutely :) keep the suggestions coming!


I like these suggestions.
BTW, tha_man, what os are you using? I ask this with regards to the loop points being lost when saving a sample. I’ve been too lazy to check if it does the same thing on windows (details, details. I always forget to check this).

I’m on Windows XP.

It would also be nice to be able to quickly jump to the end/start of the sample.
I use this sometimes, to paste something at the very beginning/end of the sample.

Not crucial, but surely useful.

welcome to these forums tha_man… good suggestions you had :)

i’d like to bring up my idea for note offset again. it would be AWESOME to be able to set points in the sample (p1, p2, p3, p4 etc) and then trigger the sample from that point with a command similar to the offset. it would be very accurate + it would save a lot of time not having to figure out the offset value for every point.



Hey I just got an idea, to further extend that.

If we call the ability to put out play position markers, which you then can use to play the sample from to “play from set position xx”.

Another new sample command could be a combination based on those “play from set position xx” and the jump in sample command. So you first choose which of those positions you want to use, and then you play the sample offset based on the specific position.

This would give you a very accurate jump in sample command!

Maybe I´m not expressing myself very clear right now…

sample zero crossing is indeed a very nice feature!

Why should the sample editor become an overdimensioned Audio sequencer? Instead of doing so, the tracker inface should be improved from version to version. There are som many professional Sound Editors for free like audacity which could be use in addition so highly recommend not to care about the sample editor but about the tracker.

better to implemet extra fine pitch slides etc. into renoise then a silly recording or another loop function.

from time to time, this discussion raises up again.

I don’t agree with audio editing suggestions: you could achieve better results with a freeware audio editor and the support for operating system clipboard into ReNoise (i.e.: copy the wave from ReNoise, paste and edit the sound into the sound editor, and then paste it into ReNoise again), which should be the only sample editing related feature to be added in ReNoise.

This would help developer in concentrating on more tracker-focused features, like for example what escii has just suggested, which is known to be a major lack into RNS command list.

For example, Native Instruments Kontakt ($400) does not have an interal sample editor at all, and asks you the path of your audio editor.

I agree with escii: Recording would be too much!

Not that it wouldn’t be usefull, maybe it would be sometimes.

BUT: Don’t waste time on such things, there are WAY MORE important things to be implemented first.

As said, there are some free recorders, editors…

this would be another number one for me in the forthcomming new polls. :)

No matter what you think of a certain feature, there’s no need to start throwing words like silly and stupid around.
Seriously, trying to write off some feature you don’t want is a laughable way of promoting what you do want.
If the poll we had before is anything to go by, ALOT of people want audio input.
Extending the sample editor beyond what is already there is another matter, and confusing them isn’t necessary.
Recording is about workflow. Even if ReWire were implemented and you could link up with Samplitude or something, that would only help in half, because the workflow would suffer.
I don’t consider slicing different poins of a sample to a new offset command, or anything else that lets you access the sample from the pattern editor, as surplus either.

Well - there are a lot of programs out - I don’t think that somebody is restricted to renoise. And I wanbt to track. For audio editing I´ve my programs which do this job more precisely as a tracker ever could get.
The more ressources the sample editor is in need of the more would be mssing for tracking - and that’s Renoise main intention as far as I´m concerned.

Just because you wouldn’t use the line in, doesn’t mean it isn’t important to others. I for example sample all my own instruments, and not being able to record into Renoise highly limits the capabilities of the software for me, and greatly lengthens the composition process. If I could line in to a sample slot, it would perfect the tool in my mind. As a matter of fact, the lack of this functionality has me looking for other hosts that offer a tracker interface, but can support what I’m after, though my heart is with renoise.

The point is, as I’m sure you understood from my post, that it’s supposed to be a cohesive, engrossing process when you write music (for some anyway), and that having audio input, if that is a central part of what you do, isn’t something that can be done in another application without disrupting that process.
Why do you think they offer input in close to all hosts?
And input isn’t editing. Offset markers in the samples is no more editing of a sample than creating an instrument envelope.