Sample Editor

First thing first, this update f****ing rocks. But there’s a couple things that would help me out, and possibly some others (?)

An option to insert silence into a sample would be great. Also, if possible, the ability to edit just the left or the right channel of a sample. Maybe you can already do that though? I couldn’t find anything in the manual. :guitar:

Some suggested options have been taken in consideration:
recording only left or right channel or record a stereo signal to mono.
Recording in sync with the arranger (when songplay is intiated)

If you want an amount of silence in your sample, it is easier to select an amount of rows containing no note information (the length of silence you desire) and then use the render-to-sample option to record it. Then paste the silence to the spot in the sample where you require it.

Recording in sync with the arranger is really important, if you want to record any hardware at all. somthing i really missed in the 1.8 beta…

I’d like quite a few features in the sample editor including:

  • Mix pasting that allows pasting with separate %s for each channel
  • The ability to Select & Edit Right/Left channels independantly
  • Stereo phase adjustment
  • Insert silence

that’s about it really… there’s a lack of stereo sample editing features in Renoise… and I hate having to copy silence from elsewhere.

I have thought about the sample editor in Renoise much lately and observed myself doing editing in Goldwave while sampling stuff, etc. And I found out that I’m constantly using these features:

  • noise reduction
  • fade-ins, fade-outs
  • mix-paste
  • time-compression
  • maximizing
  • equalizing
  • etc.
    Sure, some of them can be applied thanks to VST effects. Some of them can’t. In the end, I think that although the sample editor is a really important part of the software, as for myself, I’m too used to the advanced functionality of a standalone audio editor… For now, that is. Just wait for Renoise 2.x and the power of the sample editor will make you glow at night :lol:

Somebody posted in another thread saying it would probably be better to implement some sort of way to send samples directly to a standalone wave editor of your choice (audition, audacity, soundforge etc).

This is how it’s done in Cubase and countless other audio apps.
Personally I do make use of the sample editor but only for basic cut’n’paste, and fade in/out.
Ideally the sample editor would have to have every function of Adobe Audition to be perfect so why not just make the process of exporting/importing samples to and from an external editor automated?

BTW: Haven’t had the chance to try the new release yet as I’m snowed under with work, grrrr…

Thanks. :)