Sample Editor

Here’s some suggestions that I (and others) already mentioned when 2.6 was around, but they are still missing, so I figured they were worth suggesting again. :)

Some things I’ve come up with while making music and shaping sounds in Renoise:

  • When Maximizing the volume of the sample - in the notification bar, show how many dB the sample was raised with, something like: “Done (gained 23.46 dB)”. This is useful if you want to normalize the sample, change bit depth from 32 to 16 bit and compensate with the amplifier in the Sample Properties.

  • Make it possible to zoom vertically using the mouse scroll wheel, perhaps by holding the left CTRL-key while scrolling.

  • Add a customizable fade-tool where you can define your own fading schemes, something like the customizable LFO in the LFO Device. So instead of “fade in” or “fade out”, you can have your own fade-envelopes. Sony Sound Forge’s “Fade Graphic” could also be used for inspiration.

  • Make it possible to edit separate channels in stereo files (for example by selecting the upper half of the upper waveform to select the left waveform separately and the lower half of the lower waveform to select the right waveform separately).

Triple double yes for the separate channel editing alone!

yeaahh, seperate channel editing would be great, thaaanks.


It’d be great if the channel selection works like adobe audition. Very intuitive.

these suggestions gets a big +1


++++ for individual chanell editing and custom envelopes, also some other features such as streching (there is cool tool already why not integrate by default) pichbending and many more would be welcome, maby some noise reduction tool aswell…

i would be happy if i wouldn’t have to stick to adobe audition, it would be a great oportunity to switch to linux completely…

Can i add another suggestion:

  • Record from any available soundsource

I use 3 soundcards, one dedicated for playback / one for MIDI stuff and one dedicated for recording.
When i want to record something, i need to switch sounddriver to be able use my recording card, then switch back to my playback card. Because Renoise only sees the soundcard sources from the driver used for playback.

Ofcourse i could rearrange my setup, but why not support any soundcard source for recording ( if that’s possible )?

i think some range sliders for values would be great. setting a start range, end range, volume range, loop range, granular playback speed range. only the max range sample would get saved and filtered through the mods. for example if the sample start range is lets say 00-24 and the end range is c0-d9, then 00-d9 is what is saved, and upon playback segments get chopped/dropped. then an 09 effect command to % enable the random ranges. so you could have 0% of set range to 100% of set ranges.