Sample Envelope Automation ?

Hi Guys,

How do I automate a sample’s envelope? For example? If I wanted to make a wah bass from a sample that goes “bwah”, and then over time make it go “bwwwwwwaaaah” by automating the attack time and filter attack???

If you mean the Instrument Editor’s Envelopes then you can’t.

If you can’t get what you want by playing around with Sustain point and note length there are a couple of things you can try.

Easiest may be having two Instruments with different Envelopes in each and switch which Instrument you are using in the track.

Or you can use LFO with Custom Shape, One Shot. Velocity Device can then be used to trigger this each time the note is played. Different LFO for the different Envelope curves. Obviously you will have to use Filter DSP and it will affect whole track, not individual notes.

Neither is automatable so you can’t get a subtle change from one to the other throughout the song without a fair amount of work (unless there is something I’m missing myself.)

Thanks for the reply. You perfectly answered my question. I suspected as much-- do you know if it’s been requested to be able to automate instrument envelopes? Seems like it could come in handy…

Automated envelopes have been requested a few times. XRNI is due an overhall at some time in the future (it is on the cards) but no promises have been made to date or version number, nor to feature changes. It’s kinda how Renoise works but the result is always something you can rely on.

Did think after posting that, on my way home from work, it can be done quite nicely using the LFO.

Get the curve you want then to change the build time change the Rate. No release but you can get something approaching what you want that way.

Nice idea! I’ll try that out. Sounds like I need to look more deeply at the LFO and the other modulation devices

Sorry for digging this up, but I couldn’t find any other threads directly on point. Maybe I missed something in search? Anyway…

This velocity-to-envelope-automation method has now become very popular for making dubby “wahs” that sound more organic than LFOs. Any plans yet to include this functionality? I couldn’t figure out if it’s in the current Beta or not…

Thanks kazakore!! The single cycle LFO with custom wave shape works like ENV :) I make a various LFO’s on single track and on/off them with envelope i needed. It’s a little bit complex than automated envelope per instrument, but it’s works!

Yes this would be awesome… Now I’m making copies of instruments with different envelopes settings,and with long loops the tunes get way big. Isn’t there any way to share samples between instruments?

I don’t know a way yet but I bet you can simulate it with one shot lfo’s. ;)

Impulse tracker could do it.