Sample groups/logical partitions/organization

I think this is something I’ve suggested before? Can’t remember, thought I’d post it again.

When you are working with a ton of samples in one instrument, like muli-velocity drums, layered multi-sampled synths, whatever, the big sample list can be pretty daunting to sort through. It’s just a big giant list of samples, it can be hard to find what you’re looking for. What I suggest is just some way to organize the list. Maybe just something like what the pattern matrix has, where you can title a group of samples.

Bonus points for the ability to color code samples.

Absolutely agree. Take a look at Shortcircuit (1). It implements sample grouping very nicely.

I see many people in the forum ask the classification of the almost everything.Classification of installation routes (installation), sorting or grouping of instruments (Instrument Box), sorting or grouping of samples (Instrument Samples)… I myself ask more control over VST/VSTi routes…Everything has to do with the order and greater user control over its libraries, instruments etc…

In background everything is related. It’s just an observation.I totally agree with these things.