Sample groups

Hi everyone and all.

I’d love to have the ability to make samplegroups in the instrument/sample box.
Especially handy when working with remix stems.

Welcome Audio Nail!

This shit. How has nobody mentioned this yet? It’s such a good idea, I hadn’t even thought of it.


duplicate topic

In that case: my apoligies. I searched the forums but couldn’t find a similar topic.

Still would be an awesome feature though.

Maybe because there is a similar feature, but it requires keyzone manipulation (otherwise all samples will play at once) and the samples appear in the sampler tab.
Not to mention that you’ll be restricted to the keyzone you’ve set.
This brings down my personal workflow. It would be much easier and faster if I could just group them in the sample/instrument box.

Would be really awesome if I could devide the samples in groups similar like track groups. Just a couple of clicks, drags and drops and I would be done.
Now I could do the same with the sampler, but as before mentioned I would have to do more “work” before it’s all good to go.

  • I’d have more overview over my samples.