Sample/Instr. Navigation Keyboard Shortcuts

just some brainwaves

  • when the sample box has focus it be nice if the up/down arrow keys could be used to ‘scroll’ the samples list

since some people tend to confuse between samples and instruments, I will clear up some things:

  1. you can already browse the instruments list with LALT+up/down arrows even when the focus is not there
  2. unfortunately, at the moment the focus on instruments and samples list cannot be separated
  3. when focus is on the list, you can already use up/down arrows to browse through instruments, but not thorugh samples

I also suggested something like this for sample list, but taktik replied that the code of that area is quite awkward so he will wait for a complete redesign with which you will be able to browse samples and instruments separately

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For that reason samples will be autoselected when they are played with the key they are mapped to.
Ofcourse if they have to be mapped first, this can be a bit cumbersome.