Sample Instrument Distortion

I love the sound of the distortion that is built into the sample instrument; It is possible to automate it in a track? Or replicate the sound of it?

The current distortion and the discontinued ones just don`t sound the same.

You mean a sample that’s recorded with distortion?

If so, then that wouldn’t be possible.

Are you referring to the various “Dist” filter types available in the Instrument Envelopes section?

You can find the exact same filter types as part of the deprecated Filter 2 DSP device:

  • Disk Browser > DSP Chain
  • Switch to the Renoise library folder
  • Navigate to /DSP Chains/Deprecated/
  • Load “Track - Filter2.xrnt”

Yes, I am!

Great, thanks man - I thought it might be in there somewhere. LOVE that sound! bows

Oh, sorry i didn’t get what you meant the first time. btw yeah it does sound cool :D

…but “deprecated” means they might not be there in future versions anymore?

In the usual sense, yes, “deprecated” implies that the feature may not exist in future versions.

In our case, we strive to maintain backwards compatibility in all future versions of Renoise. These deprecated devices are simply hidden from the normal interface, but they will still load normally in older songs, or in DSP chains that contain them, or XML Clipboard snippets that contain them, and so on.

The non deprecated “Scream Filter” uses the same type of distortion with a few more options.