Sample/Instrument Swapping During Play

hello folks…
a technique i often used in other trackers when trying to identify better sounds (for my tracks in progress) was to start playback of a pattern and load different samples/instruments into existing slots, listening to how they sounded during play once swapped in. i see that Renoise cleverly reorganizes sample/instrument IDs in patterns so that inserting samples/instruments doesn’t break anything, but this also keeps me from swapping sounds like i did in other trackers. is there a way to change this behavior so i can swap sounds? is there a better way to do this?

You can use the Advanced Edit swap/replace function with desired scope.

Yes, I agree, this automatic swapping should be optional. It is quite annoying not to be able to prelisten/test different instruments/samples on some melody/beat one created.
Using the swap function works, but if you want to briefly test 20 instruments, have fun! :)


Shouldn’t be hard with the swap function either. Also one could write a “Instrument Tester” tool. ;)

how can it be easier than pressing +/- to select different instrument slots and double clicking/selecting and press return to get the sound you want to try out from the file browser? am i missing something here? (except that you have to remember which instrument you originally had before you tried others out.)

you can cut/copy/paste instruments in the instruments panel…

thank you very much. i didn’t know that was there at all.