Sample key tracking

Hi, why don’t add “key tracking” for each sample in an instrument? (-200% +200%).
in this way you can create a bagpipes sound or other effect.
And what about a “instrument envelope” that affect all the sample in an instrument and a “sample envelope” that can be different for each sample?

Your idea is unfortunately not possible:
Key-tracking applies to notes in the pattern editor only. Samples can relate to one or more notes and to one or more velocity levels.
Also, the keytracker can only influence parameters of effects that influence the whole track and not just one sample or note. This is the main reason why your suggestion won’t work.

Could be that the OP was talking about a different feature altogether than the current keytracker-device. It could’ve meant something like a simple microtuning thing. Set a sample (actually maybe keyzone) to ‘keytrack’ 0%, and it will always play at basenote, whatever note you play. Set it to 100% and it will be a normal keyzone. Set it to 200% and if your basenote is c4, playing c4 will still be c4 and playing note c5 will actually play the sample at c6 (double the pitch). Set it to -100% and c4 basenote -> playing that c5 will actually play the sample at c3 (reverse).
Could be nice. Interesting at least!

Key-tracking is a very common thing to have on synths and samplers! Usually routed to an Envelope of some kind, so depending on the pitch played the envelope effects the sound to a varying amount. So withe current system, with all samples taking the same envelope, it would make a difference over all samples. Even if (when!) we get envelopes per sample/keyzone it can still be useful for zones larger of a single note.

What is being described is used for filter cutoff following, the request is to be able to do it at instrument level… I think it’s been requested before…

KMaki centered the question! Something like NN-XT sampler in Reason!

also adjustable Velocity response would be awesome. as well as live modifiable envelopes and velocity > attack or > sample start position or > decay.

Sample start, loop start and end modifiable…