Sample Keyzones And Automatic Note Remapping

I am sorry that i didn’t notice these things in the beta tests, but a few small issues regarding the Sample Keyzone:

  • If you move a sample of an instrument within a generated Drumkit to another sample slot, the already used notes in the pattern editor are not altered. So everything is messed up with the wrong samples. This makes sense if one wants to remap a sample, but this can also be done via the advanced edit functions…
  • There is the fancy “generate drum kit” button, but if you want to create a velocity mapped zone, you have to stack and distribute the samples manually… (the should be a context menu on the selected zones with “stack equally distributed” and “stack logarithmically distributed” or something like that…)
  • You can drag and drop samples from the disk browser into the instruments sample slots, but it is not possible to move some samples into a new or another instrument. Even cut/copy is disabled when selecting more than one sample slot.

forgot to mention: nevertheless awesome work! ;)

There is an option on how Renoise will load samples, as separate instruments or as a single, multi-samples on. Top option in Prefs here:

More a feature request and hopefully advancements will come soon. I found the behaviour if the auto-generated kits can be weird at times (I believe it adds new samples to new positions until you have made a change to an existing keyzone or something similar…)

This one I’m not sure about. I agree there is an argument it should be like the instrument list, where you can move them around and the pattern data gets updated, but if you then accidentally loaded the samples with one in the wrong position, then realised after recording, it would be a lot harder to correct or your pattern data would just look wrong. Although again you could copy whole instrument, correct and remap instrument…

This has been put up for the discussion more often.
Changing instrument properties that mess with pattern data is not right though, at least not without a trigger that gives you a chance of intervention.
A far more convenient (and imho necessary) solution would be to change the “Create drumkit” into a togglebutton that can be untoggled.
It has two forms of use:
1 - When toggled off, automatic correction to the mappings no longer occur so you don’t need to change your pattern data if you swap samles (though your keyzone visuals get unorganized)
2 - You can actually see if the drumkit generator has been used and is still applied.

That’s not what i meant. I meant if you have the samples already in an instrument and then decide to move some of them to a new drum kit (for example because you want to apply other instrument wide settings, as volume curves etc…), then you have to load the samples again from the disk browser. You cannot move the samples into another instrument.

I agree, BUT at the moment if you decide to rearrange your drum kit - perhaps because you want to put all basedrums to lower notes and snares to upper or something like that - you have to remap your whole pattern data. Depending on how much rearrangements you did, the remapping of the notes can get very complex… So there should be at least an option if the notes should be updated too…

As vV said, there surely are some optimizations which fit the needs…

You can cut/copy/paste individual samples from one instrument to another relatively easily.

Select the first instrument and go to its sample list. Right-click the sample you wish to move and choose copy (or cut) from the context menu. Alternatively, middle-click the sample to give keyboard focus to the sample list and then simply hit CTRL+C to copy (or CTRL+X to cut) as usual.

Select the second instrument and go to its sample list. Insert a new sample slot into the list with the [+] button or via the context menu. Paste the copied sample into this new empty slot.

I think that is kinda his point ;)

Yeah, fair enough.

Seems like this would be a good idea for a tool in the meantime.