Sample lengths displayed in pattern editor?

When I’m going to load a sample and wanted to add the panning effect on it (from beginning to finish for example), I always need to check the point were it ends. I do that by enable the Autoseek function, go to the Edit window and start the song one-sixteenth after another to hear were the sample actually ends.
Wouldn’t it be good if there were a transparent block in the length of the sample? Maybe a function that can also be switched on/off. I know that a sample rarely ends exact on a sixteenth, but an approximated ending point would be nice though.

This is a cool idea and I like it.
Showing an approximation for how long an instrument would play in the pattern editor would be kewl. Yes, it should have an on/off feature aswell.

In the sample editor you may choose to display time in minutes, OS command, samples or beats.
If you know how many beats there are in the sample you can calculate how many patterns it runs over, which shouldn’t be too hard with even pattern lenghts.