Sample Library Manager

don’t know if this has already been proposed. I did some search in the forum and found nothing.

Anyway, the idea is to have a native system in Renoise to manage the audio library. Maybe it could be just an improvement of the current disk browser.
It would be useful having the possibility to create a “sample library” directory that Renoise can watch at the startup for change.
Then a method to tag samples or sample collections and a way to create virtual collections of samples. For example, if I have different directories with kicks, I can select some kick from each directory and adding them to a collection “my favoruite kicks”.

What do you think?

I don’t know if I’d want to trouble the guys about building it into the DAW or not, but I’ve always wanted a tool that did this. It’d be badass. If anyone knows of one, perhaps they could share?

Badass! Thanks. Soundtorch looks pretty clever. It’s working pretty well for you I presume?


well, I’d see it as a natural and great improvement on the actual disk browser. I mean: the browser is already there, and it already has some cool features, but I think it’s missing a nice and quick way to search for samples you want. An external tool, well, it’s always an external tool.

Yes, I knew about them and yes they are way too expensive. And anyway I’m not sure wheter after you find a sample in soundminer you are able to directly move or copy it to renoise.

This seems really cool to have an idea of samples you have. Again: are you able to directly move a sample from here to renoise?