Sample loading to next free slot

Hello. Is there a way to have samples loaded onto the next free slot, rather than overwriting the current one? I tried various key combos but couldn’t find it.


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hey there !
load multiple samples


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Hey thanks for the effort. Doesn’t really help, sorry :slight_smile:

You’re manually dragging them into empty slots. I am looking for a mouse-free method. So for example you would focus in file browser, audition samples with down & up arrows, then when you hear one u like, tap the key that inserts it into project (but without overwriting ones that are there)

Make sense?

mouse-free method:

  1. assign key for “Focus/Show Disk Browser”
  2. hit that key
  3. browse&audition samples with arrow key up/down
  4. hit enter to load desired sample
  5. hit “alt+arrow down” to select next ins slot
  6. goto 3.

any good?


Great! thanks ! I changed key commands a little to suit me better but this will do fine :slight_smile:

Can I suggest the “Load into next free slot” option as a feature request, please?

All the best

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