sample loop and sustain points


I am having trouble finding where to define a sustain loop in renoise. (In other words, looping a spot until a NNA, then continuing through the rest of the sample).

Thank you- I just downloaded renoise today, and will be registering. Much better than using IT on Windows XP with a DOS sound emulation program :)

there is a simple solution for your problems:
in ReNoise installation folder, there is a file called ReNoise.chm or ReNoise.RTFM, can’t remember well: opening that file will clarify most of your first-touch doubts.

have a nice tracking :rolleyes:

calm down dudes.
Everyone who needs help can post as much he wants here. If you think that the question is too stupid for you, simply dont answer it.

shuteye :
you can setup the NNA handling in the InstrumentProperties tab. The sustain point and sustain fadeout can be set in the volumeenvelope in the InstrumentEnvelopes.

Thanks for your reply.

It was easy to find where to set sustain points for volume, pitch, panning, etc. What about a sustain point for a sample?

In other words, let’s say you have a voice sample of someone saying “A B C”. In Impulse tracker, you can set a sustain loop where you just hear " A A A A A A" over and over, but then on the note off, the sample continues, and finishes with “B C”. That’s what I’m having trouble finding out how to do.

When I set a loop point for a sample in renoise, I can get “A A A A A A A” over and over, but I can never get the sample to continue on the note off.
I’ve looked through the manual, and the only examples of sustain loops I’ve found are for pitch, panning, volume, and the effects.

Obviously I’m missing something. Any other help would be appreciated.

I don’t think this is possible at the moment. However, there’s a workaround. You can trigger a sample at a certain offset with 09xx, so if you have a sample of someone saying “A B C” and you loop it at “A A A A”, then you play the note again at “B C”. Voila.

But sample sustain would be a great new feature.

Yes, that would be a good new feature. Much easier than a bunch of sample offsets! Thanks everyone.

So hmm. . . I guess that’s why I couldn’t find it in the manual. :) And it looks like IT-Alien obviously doesn’t “RTFM” too much either. (ok, point made, I’ll let it go now)

sorry shuteye: please apologize me because I’ve misunderstood you rrequest.

I thought you were searching for the envelope lopp settings, but obviously I’ve read your post badly.

By the way, though part of my posts are simple bullshit, which one could find funny or stupid, I think I’ve helped a lot of people to understand some tricky sections of this program, through this forum and IRC #renoise channel, and I’m sorry because you were pissed off by my post.

Still, your public reply (and even more you private one) to it , in my opinion, is exagerated: calling someone a "jerk, complete dick (though I think it is better then being an half of a dick :D ), asshole" when you even know anything about who are you talking about, it’s not very fair.

Apart from this, the fault is mine and sorry again; I hope to share your experience with mine in the near future.