Sample Loop Help!

Greetings All,
I might be being particularly dumb - but cannot find a way to start loop playback of a selected part of a sample in Renoise. For instance, say I’m cutting up a break, and want to audition how the selected part loops without selecting loop forward from the menu - can I do this??

At the moment, I am often cutting breaks in Audacity due to it’s loop playback selection control (shift+play) to get an idea of how a hit or section sounds before cutting it out. Is there a simple way to do this in Renoise without setting loop points?



highlight the area you want then hold enter?

For me, that just plays the highlighted part once - does not loop it - do I need to amend anything in the preferences? This is even with loop ‘forward’ enabled.

nope. i tried holding ‘enter’ and does not work. you can press enter again just at the end of the selection for a ‘fake loop’. if you want to do a real loop of a section, you’ll have to use the loop markers.

another trick might be to play the sample in the pattern editor with a 09xx command for the sample position, and repeat that at the line where it should loop. a bit more work than what you propose though.

i think holding ‘enter’ to audition a selection-loop would be a nice feature though. re-post this in Ideas/Suggestions?