Sample looping option shouldnt change when you swap samples...

When you create synth in renoise you use samples as oscilators (small waveform samples).
They needed to be looped to behave like oscilattor.
So when you swap samples (sine wave for triangle for example) looping setting should stay on. It is very annoying to must change looping option with every sample i load!

(and please bring looping option to sample properities back to be able to change loop setting for more than one sample :-).

I´ve realized that some samples are looped and some are not.
I have two folders with waveforms, one is by AKWF. If i load any waveform from this folder it is looped.
The second folder is waveforms copied from Cakewalk Rapture folder (synth that uses samples as oscs) and every waveform here has looping option off.

Can be there some setting that will apply looping on or off for any loaded samples if user want it?

I think that should be solved like this :slight_smile:


That is not possible.
I know you replace them with similar or exact sized samples, but if you e.g. would have a large sample with a loop at the end that you swap for a small sample then how should the loop be adapted to the new situation? In the majority of cases keeping the loop on does not make sense at all because it doesn’t sound proper, isn’t properly looped and you would then have to turn it off anyway.

Loop info in certain wav files are loaded and applied.
You can save your samples in Renoise and they will include loop-info if you applied them, but you still have to apply them first.


I made this exact request a while back…somehow the sampler in Ableton can do this properly.

Why would you swap big sample with small waveform sample?!
But it shouldnt be problem anyway, loop doesnt have to be adapted. If you replace looped sample with any another, new sample will be looped from begining to end and user will expect it.
I have about 500 “osc samples” and i dont wanna save everyone individualy or change setting sample by sample… ;). And in the majority of my cases, looping should stay on :-).
But anyway i would solve it by that new button! It is important function for creating instruments behaving like synths in renoise. And i dont see any problem with that button, there is enough space for five others at least :lol:.

Btw VV: Renoise remember beatsync option where very different samples also need different setting. I think Renoise should be consistent in this.

Every setting on the right setting (sample properities) is saved! Just looping option is not so i dont think that it has anything to do with “respecting other sample form” :slight_smile:

I believe vV just pointed out the proper solution (last part).
If Live can do it, it’s most likely thanks to properly prepared samples and not some magical ability of the software.

Now, a “proper” loop batch-processing tool, that is something I’d be interested in using too.

I’m not sure what you exactly mean here with “on the right setting”.

I’ll elaborate on what i meant:
When I enable the loop mode for a sample (In Renoise B6 these are positioned on the left), configure the loop and save the single wav-sample to disk and then later reload it somewhere else:Loop info is being reloaded just as i configured it.
To be more specific: I have not really tested if the mode itself (pingpong/forward) was saved along but i’m currently also not sure if that kind of info is supported by the format itself.

I was wrong, sorry. English is not my strong point so i will to describe my problem better.
You are right that the menu is on the left side of the screen (btw. i am very happy that looping option is back here).

What i want?:
If i load any sample into the instrument and later rewrite it by any other by double-clicking in the file explorer i wanna have looping setting (or every other setting) to stay the same. And i am just talking about on/off, not about setting looping point.

What i dont understand about your arguments:

  1. I have feeling that you are talking about looping points. I dont need looping points to be adapted.
    If loaded sample has them, great. If dont, it will just create looping points on the beggining and the end (in case that rewrited sample had looping option on).

2) Setting like beatsync (dont know exact name for this renoise function right now) is saved even when i swap samples. If i load some loop and set it to 512lines and then rewrite it with 2x smaller loop this setting (sync to 512) is still here even it is not relevant anymore (256 would be better). I dont have any problem with it i just wanna point out that Renoise is not consistent in this sample setting.

Why i need it?
Because i have hundeds of small waves that works like Oscilattor samples and i need to be able to switch between them and hear them instantly to recognize differencies between them (have a lot of different sine wav samples for example). And if you rewrite sample in your instrument and then must set looping option on, you can not compare them very well cause your “sound memory” is very short.
This looping option must stay on.
And dont tell me, that i have to open and resaved every small sample i download. It would make new instrument function so uncomfortable for me :wacko:

and AGAIN (my english can be still almost understandable, so in any case), I am not talking about inteligent loop points assigning, just about leaving looping option on or off when previous sample (in the instrument) had this setting on or off. If it has saved some variable looping points setting, great, use it :-). If not, dont. It stays same like it is right now…

I know, but for these reasons it is exactly why that is not being done on purpose:Renoise has to take the loop options in account that are set inside the very wav-sample that you are loading -> If that option is not set or set differently, then it will be loaded as set, which is the reason why i explained you to save the loop-settings with the sample and it will be loaded as such. And the main logic reason why it is not done so is because usually samples are not swapped in a fashion that allows size related options to stay on and configured.

If i may be honest:It is definitely a nice challenge for a Lua script but for a native solution, such feature seems too personal imho.

To soften your problem, i took some time to write this tool. You can lock the loop-type of the current sample so that if you load a new sample, it will not be turned off but remains in the type that you have set.
But notice carefully:As soon as you lock it, you won’t be able to change it yourself either while the lock-mode is active. A tool is not capable to detect whether a sample is loaded or not so i cannot set notifiers for that. The only alternative is that i have to monitor the loop_mode value and return it to its previous value as soon as it changes.

It has a context-menu in the sample wave editor and you can assign a shortcut in the key preferences for it. So if you want to change the loop-mode, disable it first, change and then re-enable it…
If you report a bug on the loop-mode being stuck:you owe us a cake

Thank you very much for your effort!
Btw. Mulab cant do it neither, will check other daws soon.

This is my first post here.

I love renoise, the fx, especially the filters are really great, and after some tracks it flowes good to make music with it.

I too have a myriad of single cycle waveforms and love to make instruments out of it.
The only annoying thing is that I have to set loop to on every time I want to audition different waveforms.

Same problem here, but all other aspects of the software are really great.

Love it!