Sample Looping

i have a sample that i want to loop. it’s a rather steady sound and the overall looping sound is okay, but both beginning and ending of the loop have this click sound and i can’t seem to make it less apparent, no matter where i place the loop markers. does anyone have a tip on how to make the clicks go away?

Usually, placing the loop start and end at zero crossings should get rid of the clicking.

yeah i should of mentioned that i tried several methods, from zero crossing to peak looping them, but that sample is a hard one. i admittedly achieved to make the clicks relatively quiet at some point, but you can still clearly hear them which is not what i want.

Also try to let the wave have a ‘flowing’ movement when you place the ‘0-snap’ markers.
What I mean is, if the wave in your loop starts by going under the 0-line, make sure it’s coming from above the 0-line right before the loop ends.

beeee the waveform, flowww

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Good point.

if I have a sample that is clicking I often put a tiny fade (to zero) at the beginning and/or end of the sample to get rid of it.
They can be really tiny, short fades.
Zoom out as far as you can, put the smallest fade you can on the offending end(s) and see what happens.

if all of this does not work, consider uploading the sample so others can work their magic on it.

I know this problem very well and with samples containing harmonic overtones, this is even harder to get it perfect.
There are some tools that allow cross-looping which means that a part of the sample is copied and reversed in order to make this seamless loop.
Extreme Sample Convert has a very nice cross-loop editor that is really what you need.
I don’t know if there is a around sampler around there that has a similar good looping engine.