Sample Looping

Im trying to loop a sample but the when I enter a note in the pattern editor the sample doesn’t start from the loop starts point but from the start of the sample even if it is pingpong/forwards/backwards. How can i get the sample to punch in from the start?? Thanks.J

I assume you mean from the start of the loop. Samples are always triggered from the beginning in Renoise - the loop only kicks in when playback gets to it. If you want to start playback at the loop, then you could copy-paste the loop area into a new sample, or use slice markers (read the manual, it’s good for you!).

what cocoa said, or use the 09xx pattern command to start the sample at the point where the loop starts. to figure this out, rightclick the bottom ruler of the Sample Editor and make sure it is set to ‘09 Effect’. now just see at what point of the ruler your loop starts, and use that as the ‘xx’ in ‘09xx’. if you click in the sample on the point where the loop starts, right next to the ‘Rec’ button you’ll also see the relevant number.

I know it is an abvious reply, but in case you always need to start the sample from the beginning of the loop part, you’d better cut the sample part before the loop start using the sample editor: simply drag the mouse over the part to cut and press the DEL key on the keyboard

OK Thank you. Slice markers look like the easiest way to achieve what I want to do. I knew about the 09XX and I didn’t want to do a destructive edit. Thank you again